Welcome to a world of unique plush toys that ignite your child's imagination and creativity! Imagination Zoo is more than a collection of cuddly stuffed animals...it is an adventure that invites your child to create new designs, stories, and games.

Designed to stimulate early childhood development, each plush toy features interchangeable arms, legs, and tails, so your child can design new animals and friends! Click here to view a demonstration.

To help parents and teachers interact with their preschooler, each Plush Toy set comes with a story guide. Our website also features games and cards to keep your child engaged!


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Zoo animals by Imagination zoo offers elephant stuffed animals, tiger stuffed animals, bear stuffed animals and zoo animal games and stories for preschoolers! Also, features zoo story guides and interchangeable arms, legs and tails. Our plush toys have been found to stimulate creativity and early childhood development.


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